Instructions for Authors for publishing in Research in Pedagogy Journal

Research in Pedagogy Journal is published 2 times per year (in Jun and December) by the Serbian Academy for Education, Belgrade, the Pedagogical Faculty in Vranje University of Nis and the Preschool Teacher Training College “Mihailo Palov”, Vrsac. The Journal considers all manuscripts on condition they are the property (copyright) of the submitting author(s) and that copyright will be transferred to Research in Pedagogy Journal and the Preschool teacher Training College “Mihailo Palov” Vrsac if the paper is accepted for publication.

The Journal Research in Pedagogy gives priority to empirical and applicable research, that is, research that is capable of being used in real educational settings. Studies in all settings for education – formal, informal; primary, secondary, higher; andragogy and whole life learning – are regarded as being of equal importance. All papers which appear in the Journal Research in Pedagogy have been thoroughly peer-reviewed.


Research in Pedagogy Journal is published in the English or Serbian language. The authors who submit their papers in Serbian are asked to do so in the Latin alphabet, the authors who submit their papers in English  are asked to send the papers without using any letters which do not appear in the Latin alphabet (all of the references must be written without using letters which do not appear in the Latin alphabet. Manuscripts should be from 5,000 to 7,000 words long, including the abstract and reference list. Submissions should not be more than 20 pages in length. The editors retain the right to, in exceptional circumstaces, accept papers which are longer. The submitted papers should be original and unpublished work which is not currently under review by another journal or publisher. The number of co-authors (along with the author) for a research paper which will be published in the journal is limited to two. Authors should also send a short biography (up to 5 sentences).

Review Process

Manuscripts are reviewed initially by the Editors and only those meeting the aims and scope of the journal will be sent for double blind peer review. The papers, on the basis of the reviewer’s and proofreader’s opinions, can be returned to the author for review only two times; if after that the necessary standards have still not been met – the papers will be declined for publishing.

Each manuscript is reviewed by at least two referees. All manuscripts are reviewed as rapidly as possible, but the review process usually takes at least 3 months. The Journal Research in Pedagogy has a fully e-mail based correspondence and review system. All submissions should be made by e-mail to:

Format of Manuscripts (PDF document)


After the manuscript is accepted for publication, authors will be required to sign a copyright transfer form. Copyright will be transferred to the Preschool Teacher Training College in Vrsac, via e-mail. A copyright form will be sent to you via e-mail after the chapter manuscript has been submitted.


A proof will be sent to the corresponding author.


The journal Research in Pedagogy publishes original scientific papers which present qualitative and quantitative empirical research in the electronic form. Papers which have successfully passed the review process are published on the journal site immediately after the Editorial Board has made its decision, while certain volumes are concluded biannually (30th Jun and 31st December) when the papers are given an adequate DOI number.

Issuing a reprint to authors is possible upon their personal request. The reprint is issued in three copies the contents of which contain: the title page of the journal, pages with information about the publisher and the issue, the published paper of the author and a certificate of publishing which is stamped and signed by one of three co-publishers. The fee for the reprint and its mailing is 5000 RSD for authors form Serbia and 50 EUR (55 USD) for authors from abroad.

information updated on 28.12.2019